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Benefits Of Dysport – MedSpa PGH

Do you see lines or wrinkles on your face and feel they’re there too soon? As if your youthful appearance has been yanked before you’re ready? Don’t worry – you’re not stuck with the signs of aging. Dysport treatment, an injectable neurotoxin, can quickly and easily smooth away wrinkles. We at MedSpa PGH have seen the results and happily recommend this treatment to many patients.

Benefits Of Dysport

What Are the Benefits of Dysport?

By its very nature, this non-invasive muscle relaxant is a botulinum toxin that temporarily freezes muscles. It is injected under the skin and works on specific areas, preventing muscle movement only in that area. This mechanism allows treatment to erase moderate to severe wrinkles.

The subsequent benefit will be referred to as the capability to conceal wrinkles. The injection immediately causes the muscles under your skin to relax, improving clarity. This is because the injectable’s main component, botulinum toxin A, prevents messages from reaching muscles and nerves.

Two kinds of nerves make up the peripheral nervous system (PNS):

Afferent nerves, which deliver sensory information to the central nervous system (CNS)

Efferent nerves, which transfer motor commands from the CNS to muscles

Relaxed Muscles

It is essential to keep in mind that the active ingredient, botulinum toxin A, is administered in extremely low doses, which significantly weakens its effects. This does not affect the effectiveness of the treatment; rather, it ensures that it will be safe for you. When the muscle is unable to receive messages anymore, it relaxes in a way that hides wrinkles.

This neurotoxin makes your face appear younger, softer, and smoother as a short-term treatment. However, over time, it prevents deeper lines and wrinkles from appearing. We are implying that reducing muscle activity prevents lines from developing. As a result, treatment keeps your skin healthy and will continue to do so as long as you get injections.

Versatile Treatments

This injectable is highly effective in treating dynamic lines – those caused by repetitive moments, such as laughing, frowning and wrinkling the brow – in places like the:


Near the nose

Corners of the mouth

Crow’s feet

Sagging neck skin

Treatment doesn’t just stop muscle contractions, however. It also fills in empty spaces around the muscles caused by collagen and elastin degradation to create an overall smoother appearance.

A Natural Appearance

In recent years, cosmetic treatments have advanced significantly. Decades ago, you could count on leaving a session looking like you’d had “work done.”This translated to an overdone appearance with exaggerated features. Both advancements in technology and application methods are now more refined.

Today, therapies like fillers aim to produce invisible results. That is the outcome that doesn’t let anyone know you’ve been treated. This guarantees that your features remain proportional and that your inherent beauty is enhanced rather than diminished.

Smooth Consistency

The injectables’ consistency dramatically influences the results you see. The Benefits Of Dysport has a lower protein concentration in its formulation to ensure that it covers the treatment area evenly. Without worrying about lumps, bumps, or other unsightly effects, this contributes to the natural results we mentioned earlier.

Lasting Results

The FDA has approved this treatment to last for four months, but it may last longer. There are some patients whose outcomes last for six months. And here’s a pleasant surprise: Because less of the injectable is needed to relax your muscles after about a year of regular treatments, you can usually start spacing sessions out more.

Remember that you can stop treatment at any time, and your muscles will regain their previous range of motion when you stop. After that, new wrinkles will appear, but we like to emphasize this so patients don’t believe the effects are permanent.

Prevents Wrinkles

We’re circling back to this concept because we need to make another point. Many patients ask when they should start neurotoxin injectables, and our answer is always the same: sooner is better. Starting early will reduce the number of wrinkles you need to treat and prevent existing wrinkles from worsening. It’s also far easier to prevent wrinkles than to try to correct them.

It’s Convenient

Because injection sessions can last anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes, you’ve probably heard the term “lunchtime facelift” used to describe them. Additionally, there will be no unwanted bleeding, incisions, or scars on your face, and there is little to no risk of adverse effects.

Your appearance will change very little. Wrinkles will be reduced surprisingly fast, while possibly not sooner, but instead you won’t encounter any emotional or quick impacts that totally modify how you look.

No Downtime

Many aesthetic treatments require at least a day or two of rest so your skin can heal. However, you can immediately return to work, attend a family gathering, or even relax by the pool with this treatment. Recovery time is also minimal due to its minimal invasiveness. We suggest just four easy steps:

After the treatment, practice common facial expressions like frowning and squinting to help the serum get into your muscles.

Avoid strenuous exercise, facials, and saunas for four hours

Do not rub or massage the treatment site for about four hours

Do not lie down right away to keep the treatment site free of inadvertent pressure

Benefits Of Dysport

Why Choose MedSpa PGH

Getting your injections from a qualified provider is vital to getting the results you desire. Our staff has extensive training and experience administering Dysport and other cosmetic injectable treatments, which will show you the Benefits Of Dysport

We always begin with an initial consultation to:

  • Review your medical history
  • Perform a physical examination
  • Discuss your goals

If we determine that Dysport is an appropriate solution for you, we can move forward with a customized treatment plan. Depending on your unique situation and the Benefits Of Dysport, we may also recommend additional or alternative options.

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